Smart Pet Companion Ball - Your Pet Will Not Be Bored

MiOT crowdfunding platform launches the products not only for our home but also takes care of pets. Recently, the platform has launched a campaign for a Smart Pet Companion Ball, which is designed specifically for cats.

Smart Pet Companion Ball is a ball-shaped toy with a tail. It can not only reproduce the user's voice but also supports remote control. The movements of the ball can be controlled via the Mi Home application.

The ball has 3 intelligent modes that can encourage pets to actively run and interact with the toy.

In addition to the ability to move, this smart companion ball can also play sounds of birds, mice, and cats, as well as the owner's recorded voice, which effectively attracts the attention of pets.

The model also has LED backlighting in red, blue, and green

The ball is made of strong and durable ABS material, and the tail is made of soft and durable PVC, so we shouldn't be afraid the toy will be bitten.

The toy is powered by a 300 mAh battery. Charging takes place via a USB Type-C cable.

The date of sales of new item is unknown, but it is actively gaining popularity.

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